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The Perona Stud was started in 1989 with the mare Altiva XXIV, daughter of Granate 1973's belonging to the stud Rocío de la Cámara. Another mare that was part of our beginning was Zueca, Marín de Ayala's brand, and daughter of Albero II from Paco Lazo. Subsequently several fillies were acquired from Francisco Bañón's brand, among which were Festera II, an excellent mare which has produced great fruits such as its offsprings Divina, several Festeros-P (Festero PI, Festero PII, Festero PIII, Festero PIV and Festero PV) and Delta P. With mares like Festera II we were champions of race and best movement in Torrepacheco (Murcia) in 2000.

Festero-P is a fantastic stallion qualified with very good movements, grandson of Lebrijano III. It was sold for horse breeding to the stud-farm of Ávila.

Cariñoso XXXIX is another great stallion who has achieved a gold medal in Albacete in 1998. Several times it has been runner-up in race and functionality and has had six offspring champions. It was sold for horse breeding to the Jerez military stud.

Our mares are always covered with qualified horses and Gran Premio's champions such as Cariñoso XXXIX, Impaciente II, Fatuo-SA, Zedimir, Cepellón, etc., that's the reason why we guarantee our foals for sport.



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